Dr. Aimon Kopera has been among the leaders in innovative health and wellness global initiatives for more than 20 years. Born in Bangkok, Thailand she is a dual national of Thailand and the United States. She graduated from Mahidol University, Thailand, in 1986 with a major in nursing. Early in her career, she served on the United Nations International Medical team providing critical medical service for casualties of Southeast Asian conflicts.

Dr. Kopera studied in the United States in the 1990s bringing her into contact with leaders in holistic health and integrative medicine which aims to combine alternative medicine, conventional evidence-based medicine, and other practices that work in wellness, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda based approaches, to address wellness in multiple "dimensions" (biological, psychological, social, and spiritual).

Dr. Aimon Kopera has been among the leaders in innovative health and wellness global initiatives for more than 20 years.

Dr. Kopera then spent nearly a decade in entrepreneurship (Rambutan Properties, LLC; Worldsites, Inc.; Qi Mountain Wellness Institute, LLC), personal pilgrimage (Tibet, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Camino de Santiago) scientific exploration (Russia, USA), and medical study followed by her MD degree from American Global University, Columbus, Ohio USA, with a concentration in preventive medicine, and resident internships in the United States at Emory University, Atlanta Georgia.

More recently, she has focused on commercialization of genetic science for genetics-based lifestyle intervention. In this capacity she has researched, met and, in some cases affiliated with, pioneering genetic testing and health/wellness providers worldwide including, among others: Human Longevity, Inc., Pathway Genomics, Affymetrix, and Thermo Fisher Scientific Genetic Testing Services.

Dr. Kopera has founded and co-founded several commercial enterprises. Services though Dr. Kopera’s businesses include direct to consumer genetic testing, and consumer lifestyle protocols that accompany genetic results with suggestions for food, vitamins, personal care and various wellness activities and products. 

A Master Tai Chi Qigong practitioner and trainer, Dr. Kopera also applies her expertise in internal arts of meditation, visualization, contemplative practices to product development for lifestyle change, weight reduction, wellness and health restoration protocols.

Client services through Dr. Kopera’s businesses include consulting on the design and development of wellness centers and, food, drink, movement and mind products, fully integrated with cloud based technology. The wellness centers can be delivered with site license options for health, beauty and fitness nutritional supplements and self-care supplies, as well as, genetic testing services. She also provides advisory services to help clients identify, validate, and bring to market genetics-based product innovations that enhance life. And, she provides product formulation for discovery, scientific analysis, and formulation of genetically relevant nutritional supplements & self-care products.

Registered trademarks of Dr. Kopera’s brands include: The International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention LP; Genomics International LLC; Genomics International USA LLC; Genomics International Asia Pacific LLC; MeGenome Limited Company (Thailand); MeGenome LLC (USA); Discover Your Code LLC; Origami Society (non-profit foundation for Asian Ethnobotany); and, co-patents: The Life Force Index; and, the Wellness Navigation Expert System, smartphone technology.

Dr. Kopera has given extensive efforts to popular communication and media encouraging consumers and researchers to incorporate alternative therapies—use of nutritional supplements, meditation, technology and "genetic" strategies -into conventional approaches to lifestyle change. Examples include: Thailand HealthSpan Study: GENETICS BASED LIFESTYLE RESEARCH (2017-1st Longitudinal Thai Genetic Research); FOOD, an Origami Transformation (2014) Published in English and Thai is a companion book to IRIWP Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program that tackles the growing chronic illness epidemic by encouraging consumers to begin a different relationship with, and understanding of, the food they eat. Available on Amazon in print and electronic formats. Mindful Movement (2015) Companion digital media of instructional movement videos to IRIWP Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program. Can plants be used for epigenetic therapy for anti-aging and cell regeneration? IRIWP consulting Brief. February 2016. How Genes Influence Your Ability to Lose Weight IRIWP Consulting Brief. March 2016.