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What if you had the power to upgrade your health and happiness by hacking your own thinking?

Take your aliveness to a new level with the help of your higher self.


We’ve finally reached the point in human evolution where we’re no longer limited by our thinking.

By working with the extraordinary tools of transformation, we can free ourselves from what we thought were the limitations of our DNA to live healthier, longer, happier lives.

- Dr. Aimon Kopera

What does DNA have to do with happiness?

Whether it’s the astounding advances in anti-aging, weight control, or healthy living, central to the story is our own human DNA.

Our cells use our DNA code to fulfill millions of bodily functions to keep us healthy and happy. But the influence within our genes goes way beyond that. They can also determine aging and our susceptibility to diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer’s, among others. 

Recent scientific research is showing us that we can influence our genes in return. What we eat and drink, how we move, what we think, and other choices, can powerfully alter our genetic code.

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Human aging is associated with many factors that include not only physical and physiological influences but also lifestyle, social, educational and psychological dynamics. We’re learning how to turn on the good genes and turn off the bad ones. The possibilities are incredibly exciting.

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