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Transformation Expeditions with Dr. Kopera

Unlock the wisdom of your thinking


I Upcoming expedition I January 5-11, 2021

Come on an extraordinary expedition at inspiring destinations around the world with Dr. Kopera, where you’ll redesign, rebalance, and evolve your experience of being through your genetics information. During this remarkable journey, you can discover the You from what your genes may tell you.

More than ever, our world envelops us with damaging elements that heighten stress, accelerate aging, promote imbalance, and generate illness and disease. Dr. Kopera’s genetics-based science of health and wellness can help you learn what your unique sets of genes need for you to experience true well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

Upgrade your health, reset your emotional balance, increase your energy, and awaken your peace of mind

Your Unique Program Includes

  • Personalized Wellness Assessment
  • Gene-based foods, supplements, and beverages
  • Moving meditations to enhance your unique gene signature
  • Information about what your unique genes need for you to look, feel, and function at your absolute best

Your Personalized Wellness Assessment includes Biological Age Assessment, advanced DNA testing to discover your genes’ unique needs, bio impedance analysis, electro photonic imaging and more.

Your unique genetic coding can work for you or against you. Take this extraordinary journey to enhance your life force and establish a new, better, “normal” for your life.

  • Heighten healthy aging
  • Know your sleep habit genes
  • Learn to detox gently with life-force nutrients and foods
  • Understand your emotional eating genes
  • Explore your genetic lifestyle heart-mind-body connection
  • Discover the foods your genes love
  • Enhance your immunity and nourish your brain
  • Awaken your innate drive to thrive and be healthy

Dr. Kopera is a health scientist and global leader in genetics-based health practices that strengthen and tonify the body, mind, heart, and spirit.