Bringing Clarity and Foresight to Psychedelic Paradigm Shifts


Who is Dr. Aimon Kopera?

Aimon Kopera, MD, has spent more than 30 years as a leader in innovative health and global wellness initiatives.

Her multifaceted focus has included functional medicine, alternative medicine, genomic medicine, cannabinoid medicine, epigenetics, ethnobotany, and plant-based medicine as an integrative means to address the four dimensions of health – social, mental, physical, and spiritual.

Dr. Kopera integrates all of these focuses into what she calls transformation medicine.

Through botanical science, it is Dr. Kopera’s mission to unlock the full potential of medicinal plants to improve lives worldwide, serving the people of her roots in Thailand and other countries.

Born in Bangkok, Dr. Kopera spent the early phase of her career as part of the United Nations International Medical team, providing critical medical service for casualties of Southeast Asian conflicts.

In the 1980s, she relocated to the United States where she resumed her studies and enjoyed regular contact and mentorship with leaders in holistic health, integrative medicine and entheogenic medicine.

In addition to her ongoing research and medical advisory roles across the globe, Dr. Kopera is also a social entrepreneur focused on the reinvention of ancient remedies, as well as biotechnology, and facilitating plant-medicine industry that can impact health and human consciousness. 

Currently the CEO and founder of Geneomics Global, Dr. Kopera and team have united a network of proven experts from across the globe to work with governments, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, private enterprises, and other institutions to outline and actualize potential of psychoactive plants and mind shifting techniques from ancient practice and evident-based neuroscience with the passion to inspire global well-being movement. 

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