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Accelerate innovation and gain the advantage

Consulting with Dr. Aimon Kopera

Dr. Kopera brings her extraordinary background and achievements to consult with anti-aging clinics, hospitals, universities, spas, resorts, fitness centers, supplement manufacturers, and more. As President of Genomics International, Inc., she has worked with hospitals, clinics, cosmetics manufacturers, resorts and fitness centers, and vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturers to bring the advantages of genetic testing innovations to companies wanting to secure a competitive edge in their industry.

Invite Dr. Kopera to consult with your organization to elevate production and refine your brand through the entire product cycle: from product development, marketing enablement, training, re-positioning, and market entry, to expansion into international markets.

Precision Medicine and Precision Health Services:

Set up Precision Medicine Service for new or existing hospitals and clinics. Develop genetics-based lifestyle and nutritional protocols to enhance health, longevity, personalized wellness and fitness.

Genomics Service and Product Development:

Lead scientific endeavors with Dr. Kopera’s expert research, data analysis, genotyping, bio-banking, and consumer services.

Nutritional and Dietary Supplements and Cosmetic Products:

From discovery and scientific analysis to formulation, work with Dr. Kopera to develop genetically relevant nutritional supplements and cosmetic products.

Partnering Opportunities:

Dr. Kopera also works with hospitals, wellness centers, and health organizations to fulfill investment opportunities in personalized genomics and regenerative medicine.

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