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For All the World to Thrive

As the relationships between genomics, health, and disease are just beginning to be understood, the Global HealthSpan Initiative is advancing the ability of every individual to make measurable, radical differences in their own health.

We’re studying the subtle differences in a variety of lifestyle factors—including diet, exercise, sleep duration, age-related health risks, addictive behaviors, and more—that directly impact health and longevity. With the data we collect, we expect to be able to identify the specific genetic and epigenetic predictors of health, aging, and aging-related diseases.

By collecting unprecedented insights about the relationship between our genes and our lifestyles, the Global HealthSpan Initiative is working to empower people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to live healthier, happier, longer lives.


The Global Healthspan Initiative is a joint effort between several international scientific institutions to study the correlation between lifestyle and genetics. It is our commitment to advance the world’s understanding of how each individual can take control of their own health.

Dr. Aimon Kopera is a founder and an executive director of the Global Healthspan Initiative. Other organizations involved include Global Healthspan Foundation, International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention (IRIWP), Genomics International, the Institute of HeartMath, QiMountain Longevity Institute, and Sage Healthcare


Our goal is to work with one million people around the world to participate in our study over the next 10 years. Each participant will receive a wellness assessment; an analysis of the correlation between their health history, their genetic information, and their lifestyle practices; and personalized suggestions to improve fitness, optimize their health, and enhance their well-being.

Each person involved in our study helps us to provide unprecedented and ground-breaking insights about predictors to better health as they correlate to lifestyles and health risks. Together, we can empower people all around the world to live healthier, longer, and happier lives.

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