The Secrets of Quality Product Formulation


Formulation is one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers of cannabinoid or plant-based wellness products.

Most products on the market today contain formulations that are 95 percent additives, fillers, and excipients – and only 5 percent active ingredients.

Many of these additives involve compounds that should not be in the body.

If you want to put a quality product on the market, purity and efficacy are key.

Quality formulation involves a process that leaves you with the least amount of unnecessary ingredients.

At the same time, you don’t want to go too pure with a formulation. Isolated compounds are not very effective or natural, which is why you need the right balance of bioactive ingredients for a synergistic effect.

Dr. Kopera’s research on the scientifically validated elements of Thai Ayurvedic Medicine formulations is a great example of this.

Getting a formulation just right is a delicate process that involves botanical experience and know-how.

The end goals are to avoid toxicity and offer maximum therapeutic benefits with minimal side effects – all while achieving consistency from one batch to the next.

These are the products that people fall in love with and recommend to their friends and family.

Quality product formulation can improve lives and serve as a valuable asset to your business for years to come.

If you want to develop a quality formulation for a cannabinoid or plant-based wellness product, contact Dr. Aimon Kopera today.

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