Elevating personal and environmental health and wellness through plant-based transformation.

We used to think that our genetic blueprint determined everything about us—past, present, and future. But we were wrong.

The latest research in cannabis and hemp has revealed that we have tremendous freedom to live healthier, longer, and happier lives than we ever thought possible. Thanks to the benefits of seed-to-soul healing.

Dr. Kopera’s dynamic speaking style and depth of scientific expertise are thought-provoking and inspiring for scientific and scholastic audiences everywhere.

Her signature topic is the Cannabis and Beyond, The Modern Science Behind 200+ Ancient Cannabis Formulations, a joint effort among prominent scientific institutions to explore the intriguing relationship between plants and human health and consciousness. 

In her enlightening talks, Dr. Kopera reveals potential scientific validations of cannabis and other plants medicine, connecting the past, present, and future health for happier living.

Your audience will learn:

  • What can cannabis and hemp tell us about ourselves?
  • How can cannabis work with our genomics to change quality of life?
  • Can compounds from hemp and cannabis affect our genetic expression?
  • Why cannabis and hemp work better with synergetic effect with other plant compounds?

Inspire, educate, and empower your audience!

 Dr. Aimon Kopera 

For over 20 years, researcher, author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. Kopera, has been involved in global health initiatives in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. As President and Chief Health Scientist at the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention, and founder of Genomics Global, she has helped lead the way to more sophisticated understandings of the interplay between plant and human consciousness & wellbeing. .

Now, it is her life’s work to bring these empowering insights to the scientific community, educators, and the general public to elevate and ease every individual’s ability to be their best self, healthier and happie. read more