Medical Cannabis Integration and Training

The knowledge gaps around cannabinoid medicine and science pose steep hurdles for all stakeholders

Investors, product manufacturers, medical schools, healthcare providers, consumers, policymakers – all of these groups have tremendous needs around cannabinoid-related education and training.

  • Major Cannabinoids
  • Minor Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Plant-based Medicine

These topics are just a few examples where the hunger for credible knowledge is insatiable.

Patients, for example, are demanding this knowledge from their healthcare providers, and doctors are often unable to answer their questions.

Policymakers also need to understand that all medicines come from plants at some point. They need to understand the importance of embracing real plants instead of synthesized compounds.

Meanwhile, investors are risking and oftentimes losing millions of dollars with fly-by-night start-ups.

Consumers also need knowledge as well. How do cannabinoids work as medicine? How to select the right products?

Credible education and training are important for all stakeholders.

People engage Dr. Aimon Kopera here because they want to learn from a veritable super-scientist and better understand the nuances of cannabinoid science and cannabinoid-based products.

Equally important is the hunger for knowledge around plant-based medicines in general, such as the scientifically validated elements of Thai Ayurvedic Medicine.

Connect with Dr. Aimon Kopera today to share your education and training needs.

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