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If you want to develop an innovative product that people will love, you must be at least ten years ahead of the curve.

When people were getting excited about the potential of crude cannabis oil, you had to have already been thinking about minor cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoid-based APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).

And now that more people are focused on APIs, the innovative mindset is already working on new delivery formats, such as water-soluble products, dry powder inhalation, single-dose ampules, or nasal sprays, etc.

The goal here is to develop products that are easier and more practical for consumers. Instead of confusion and uncertainty, you get trust and confidence.

Consumers want simplified dosing, consistency, and reliability.

They don’t want side effects.

The Finer Nuances of Plant-Medicine Innovation

What most people have yet to realize is this: product innovation doesn't start in the lab; it starts in the soil, with the seed – what's being cultivated and how we extract those compounds.

The next stage in product innovation revolves around formulation – finding the right balance of bioactive ingredients that can be delivered to the body with utmost efficacy and zero toxicity.

The right mix of innovative formulation ingredients sometimes involves overlooked or unexpected compounds straight from nature.

For instance, Dr. Kopera loves drawing from the scientifically validated components of Thai Ayurvedic Medicine for formulation ingredients

In addition to new formulations, optimized bioavailability and reduced waste, efforts in product innovation must also take into account product traceability, quality assurance and safety.

If you want to infuse your cannabinoid or plant-based wellness product with innovation, contact Dr. Aimon Kopera today.

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